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Dementia Village

English Blog,  Latest News   2023/06/08 (木)  7:00 PM

Much Better Residential Environment- not only persons who have sound mind and memory but also persons who are suffering from dementia or some kind of mental illness should be entitled to enjoy such human right.

In 2009, dementia village, which was located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which was called as "Hogeweyk" was established for the first time in the world. 
The main concept of above village-based community is "Deinstitutionalization, Preservation of autonomy, and Freedom as Human Beings".

As emulating above village, the village Langley as dementia village was opened in British Columbia, Canada in 2019. This is the first dementia village in the country. In addition, Carpe Diem Dementia Village was created in Donski, Norway in 2020. 

Even people who contracted Alzheimer's disease would like to walk freely, and even those would like to enjoy shopping safely and comfortably. Fear against taking some action is the biggest obstacle for them. If so, the society should remove such risks in advance. 

When taking above worldwide action into account, I simultaneously realized how the society of each country considers and pays more attention to those people.