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2023/09/25 (月)  5:06 PM

Among vulnerable people suffering from dementia, severe mental illness, or disabilities, some of them have neither their closest relatives nor ample resources in order to pay daily necessaries despite they need supporters.
Above issue becomes more and m...続きを見る

2022/05/04 (水)  2:01 PM

    In terms of terminology related to guardianship, it seems to me that the US pays more attention to people who need such support measures. 

    Particularly, as the Uniform Law Commision explains in the 続きを見る

2022/04/04 (月)  6:12 PM

   After filing a petition for appointment of a guardian, the next issue is how to evaluate and determine incapacity of the respondent.

   In Japan, with increasing the number of above petition because of advancing super-aging society,  the rece...続きを見る

2022/02/23 (水)  5:25 PM

 In order to  initiate guardianship proceeding, someone must file a guardianship petition. 

 In accordance with Article 7, 11,15 of Civil Code and other relevant legislations, Japan restricts the range of petitioners such as: respondent, spous...続きを見る

2022/01/19 (水)  6:42 PM

From my perspective, the most significant difference between two countries lies in the underlying thoughts toward the guardianship. 


In case of Japan, it seems to me that a number of experts and laypersons consider that the guardianship ...続きを見る

2021/10/13 (水)  7:18 PM

In the wake of increasing the number of people aged 65 and over, Japan is facing an aging society and struggling with issues regarding people who are suffering from Alzheimer's disease or mental illness.


Amid such concerns, Japanese guar...続きを見る