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Alternatives To Guardian

2023/04/02 (日)  4:05 PM

So far, from the perspective of elder law,  I emphasized each of legal document in order for the upcoming aged persons  to be able to  comply with unintended situation in the future.
This time, aside from legal perspectives, we focus on advanced medical...続きを見る

2022/08/09 (火)  3:53 PM

       In the United States, there are two types of durable power of attorney: financial durable power of attorney  (hereinafter referred to as DPOA) which is governed by Uniform Power of Attorney Act (UPOAA) and health care durable power of attorney which is ...続きを見る

2022/06/13 (月)  2:33 PM

  As mentioned in guardian section in this blog, the UGCOPAA urges judges in the US to consider "least restrictive alternative" before utilizing guardianship for the vulnerable persons.
  Above alternatives include various kinds of legal strategies:...続きを見る