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2023/09/27 (水)  3:02 PM

Unlike the current situation related to ambulance in Japan, the cost regarding ambulance in the US pressures on the livelihood of every citizen more than our image.

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2023/09/25 (月)  5:06 PM

Among vulnerable people suffering from dementia, severe mental illness, or disabilities, some of them have neither their closest relatives nor ample resources in order to pay daily necessaries despite they need supporters.
Above issue becomes more and m...続きを見る

2023/06/08 (木)  7:00 PM

Much Better Residential Environment- not only persons who have sound mind and memory but also persons who are suffering from dementia or some kind of mental illness should be entitled to enjoy such human right.

In 2009, dementia village, which w...続きを見る

2023/06/05 (月)  4:23 PM

On May 17, 2023, Senator Bernerd Sanders introduced a bill to establish a Medicare-for-all universal health insurance program. 
Unlike Japan, the Unites States has neither universal health coverage nor universal coverage of long-term care.